NIH Training Grants

Northwestern University has a large number of active NIH Training Programs (T32s and T90s) that are used to support predoctoral and postdoctoral students in the life sciences. Within the NU neuroscience community, Training Grants represent foci of intense intellectual activity and recognized research excellence. They also constitute an important source of funding for NUIN students, providing some degree of support to over 25 NUIN students every year.

A NUIN student is eligible to be a trainee on any Training Grant on which his/her advisor is a preceptor. Many Training Programs have at least one NUIN faculty as a preceptor. Of these a core of 6 are closely associated with NUIN, meaning they involve many NUIN faculty and support many NUIN students.

Predoctoral students appointed to Training Programs can expect to participate in a number of activities that are distinct from and in addition to the regular NUIN programming. Although each Training program is unique, many require trainees to participate in a particular journal club, take specific elective courses, help organize a topical seminar series, and present their research at annual or more frequent Training Program research symposia. By emphasizing mentoring and professional skills development in areas such as verbal and written scientific communication, these programs seek to provide trainees with all the tools they need to become productive scientists and leaders in their fields.


Please see below for other Training Programs that may be of interest for NUIN students:
Grant Name: Director: For More Information:
Center for Reproductive Science (CRS) Reproductive Science, Medicine and Technology Predoctoral Training Program J. Julie Kim, PhD
Circadian and Sleep Research Training Program Fred W. Turek PhD and Phyllis C. Zee MD PhD
Multidisciplinary Visual Sciences Training Program Steve DeVries, MD, PhD
Neurobiology of Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences Training Program Julius Dewald, PhD