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Students are required to take a total of nine 300- or 400-level course units for a letter grade. No more than two 300-level courses may be included. The coursework requirement must be completed within 12 quarters. Students may take more than nine courses, including beyond quarter 12, with advisor approval. Consult course descriptions and schedules in selecting courses.

Core Course Requirements

NUIN 401-1,2,3: Fundamentals of Neuroscience 

NUIN 407: NUIN Graduate Foundations 

Elective Course Requirements


A biostatistics course is required to be taken by all students. At the discretion of NUIN Leadership and the students Advisors, this requirement may be waived in cases that a student has extensive prior knowledge that is more than sufficient for the anticipated thesis research.  

NUIN recommends that students take NUIN 408: Statistics and Data Analysis for Neuroscience to fill this requirement. though courses in other departments may satisfy the biostatistics requirement.

Selecting Other Electives

Recommended electives in the second year:

NUIN 411-1,2,3: Great Experiments (select based on research interests)

NUIN 414: Finding Your Voice as a Scientist

Additional electives may be chosen from among courses offered through NUIN, the department of the student’s adviser, DGP, IBiS or other departments. Electives should be chosen in consultation with the adviser and/or the Student Advising Committee, but most importantly, should be chosen because they are relevant to the student’s thesis research.

Responsible Conduct of Research

Students are required to complete NUIN 490 – Responsible Conduct of Neuroscience Research in the Summer between Year 1 and Year 2.

Research Registration

During the first eight quarters in NUIN, students register for NUIN 590: Research, beginning with the ninth quarter of study, students register for TGS 500: Advanced Doctoral Study. These classes are required to maintain full-time status as a student, and are intended to be in-person laboratory research. 


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