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Starting the summer prior to matriculation students meet each quarter with an Advisory Committee consisting of the NUIN Assistant Director and one member of the Faculty Advising and Progress to Degree Committee. This committee advises students regarding course selection, laboratory rotations, and helps to identify and address any potential problems. Students are encouraged to seek out any member of their committee as needed.

Second-year students meet twice with their NUIN Advisors. The purpose of these meetings is to ensure that the transition into the thesis laboratory is going smoothly, to help in selection of remaining electives, to review deadlines for upcoming milestones, and to specifically address any questions or concerns related to the Qualifying Exam and Thesis Proposal.

There are no formal meetings with the NUIN Advisors in the 3rd or 4th year. Progress towards milestones will continue to be tracked by the NUIN program. Students should contact the NUIN Assistant Director and/or their former NUIN Faculty advisor if they would like to meet to discuss any issues that may arise this year.

Starting in the fifth year, students meet annually with the NUIN Advising and Progress to Degree committee. The advising sessions provide an additional resource to students to troubleshoot problems that may arise between the student and their Thesis Advisors/committee as they are approaching graduation. They also provide an opportunity to discuss graduation timelines and general career planning.

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