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Thesis Committee

Each student, in consultation with their Thesis Advisor, is expected to form a Thesis Committee in their third year, preferably in the Winter/Spring quarter well in advance of the Thesis Proposal. It is recommended that students provide their committee chair and committee members with the “Guidelines for NUIN Thesis Committees” and ask all members to sign indicating that they have read the guidelines. 

In addition to meeting the TGS requirements for Thesis Committees, A NUIN Thesis Committee must satisfy the following criteria:  

  • The committee must be 4 or more members.
  • The Advisor cannot be the Chair.
  • At least 3 members including the Chair and Advisor must be full-time members of the Graduate Faculty (tenure line faculty are automatic members, research faculty or postdocs may be appointed using the form on this page). The fourth may be from outside of NU.
  • Both the Chair and Advisor must be NUIN members or preceptors.
  • One of the 4 members must be of a different department than the Advisor (a non-NU member can satisfy this requirement).

Committee members may change at any point up until the thesis defense, depending on the nature of the project and expertise and availability of the members. Students are required to meet annually with their Thesis Committee. 

Refer to NUIN Proposal and Committee Guide for more detailed information on this milestone.

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