Graduate Program

NUIN is one of 3 Life Science PhD programs at Northwestern, and the appropriate program for anyone wishing to obtain a PhD in the field of neuroscience. The Driskill Graduate Program in Life Science on the Chicago campus, and the Interdepartmental Biological Sciences Program (IBiS) on the Evanston campus, are appropriate for students interested in life science fields other than neuroscience. Note that most of the life science departments at Northwestern do not offer their own PhD programs.

The NUIN program currently has approximately 140 PhD students and 140 faculty distributed among over 20 departments across the Chicago and Evanston campuses. Approximately two-thirds of students do their thesis work in Chicago labs; approximately one-third in Evanston labs.

The NUIN PhD program is fundamentally a research based program, but students must satisfy course requirements, a TA requirement, and other requirements in addition to completing a thesis.