Teaching Assistant Requirements

All students are expected to serve as a Teaching Assistant (TA) for two courses. This is typically done during the student’s 2nd year in the program.  TAing serves two purposes:  It provides students with valuable experience and training in teaching, and it provides necessary support to faculty in teaching undergraduate classes or labs, thus improving the quality of the undergraduate educational experience. The TA experience should provide graduate students with a real teaching opportunity (discussion and review sessions, individual lectures, etc.), and should not be limited to photocopying papers and grading exams.

TA assignments will be made during the summer before 2nd year.  At that time the Assistant DIrector will ask rising 2nd year students for their choices of TA assignments.  Most of the TA opportunities are for undergraduate courses in the Biological Sciences, but historically there are also some opportunities in courses offered by NUIN, Psychology, and Communication Sciences and Disorders.