Seminar Attendance Requirement

Most good scientists consider it important and valuable to regularly attend seminars and colloquia, even when the topic is not directly related to their own work. It is an easy way to stay in touch with fields that may not be so familiar and, importantly, provides opportunity to interact informally with colleagues.

To promote these habits and expose students to research beyond Northwestern, first year students are required to attend a minimum of six seminars by non-Northwestern faculty each quarter except summer. To document attendance, students are required to complete a brief, signed statement indicating which seminars they attended (speaker name, institution, title, date) and a two to three sentence summary or critique of each seminar. (Download a PDF of the Seminar Attendance form.) The Seminar Attendance form is due by the end of Friday of the exam week for the quarter. Forms are to be submitted electronically via dropbox.

Although compliance will not be tied to a grade, students will not be eligible for NUIN training-grant support if they have not complied with the seminar attendance requirements. Students will also not be admitted to candidacy until missed seminars have been made up.