Annual Thesis Committee Meeting

Regular Meetings with the Thesis Committee

In an effort to help students to maintain steady progress toward their PhD, NUIN requires that, subsequent to defending a thesis proposal, each student meet at least once a year with his or her Thesis Committee. It is the student’s responsibility, in consultation with the thesis advisor and committee Chair, to arrange these meetings.

Thesis Committee Meeting Status Reports

In advance of each committee meeting, including the defense of the Thesis Proposal, the student should complete the first sections of the Thesis Committee Meeting Status Report available as a fillable pdf on the NUIN web site. At the meeting, the committee, together with the student, should complete the remainder of the report. This entails assessing the student’s progress since the last meeting, establishing clear goals and expectations for the period before the next meeting, and setting a target date for the next meeting. All committee members and the student must sign off on the status report, which is returned to the NUIN office.

This formal status report serves as a reminder to the student, the thesis advisor, and the thesis committee members that a requirement for continued enrollment in NUIN, including the NUIN guarantee of stipend and tuition support, is “adequate progress toward the degree.” The annual committee meetings are an important yearly confirmation that progress is being made. Insufficient progress, as documented in these meetings, may be reason for dismissal from the program.