Postdocs in NUIN

Postdoctoral fellows are an integral component of the neuroscience research enterprise at Northwestern, and many postdocs help train NUIN students and serve as valued mentors. If the principal investigator of the laboratory you work in is affiliated with NUIN (Northwestern University Interdepartmental Neurosciences Program, as a member or preceptor, then you are considered a NUIN postdoc. All postdocs are encouraged to be on the NUIN Postdoc listserv as well as the general NUIN listserv. If you want to be added to either of these, please contact NUIN staff.

The NUIN Postdoctoral Affairs Committee (NPAC)

The NUIN Postdoctoral Affairs Committee is made up of both faculty and postdocs and advocates for the needs and concerns of NUIN postdocs. It has several goals that include:

  • Provide training opportunities for career development
  • Facilitate an open relationship of communication and mentoring among postdocs and faculty in order to build a stronger neuroscience community.

Together we have begun to address these needs. So far the NUIN postdoctoral affairs committee has hosted three “Going on the Job Market Q&A series”, allowing postdocs and graduate students to get advice from faculty and staff within NUIN and beyond on how to navigate the job market. Topics specifically addressed included: 1) How to get an offer: what to know before you apply, 2) How to get an interview: Creating a standout application, 3) How to get an offer: Job talk types, structures, and content, 4) How to get an offer: game day do’s and don’ts, 5) How to solidify the positions: Negotiating/Taking the Offer, and 6) Acquiring positions outside of academia. In addition, we have hosted a panel for graduate students on how to choose a postdoctoral position. Behind the scenes we have worked hard to make postdocs a larger part of the neuroscience community by expanding the NUIN postdoc listserv to allow for better communication of social and professional development opportunities, increasing postdoctoral events at the yearly NUIN retreat, and featuring postdoctoral presence and contributions on the NUIN website.

Current Committee Members
We are actively seeking interested postdocs to join this committee!  Please contact Dr. Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy if interested.