Dhar, Sumitrajit, PhD



Dhar, Sumitrajit, PhD





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Communication Sciences and Disorders; Fellow, Hugh Knowles Center


Frances Searle, Room 1-248 Lab: Evanston



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Sensory Systems

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Current Research

Our group is interested in the biomechanics of hearing in general and the inner ear in particular. Our current work has two main directions. On the one hand we are interested in understanding the physiological mechanisms responsible for the generation and propagation of sounds that are generated in the inner ear and can be recorded by placing a small microphone in the ear canal (otoacoustic emissions). On the other hand we are interested in understanding the relationship between the processes that generate otoacoustic emissions and functional hearing capabilities in humans.

In the last few years, we have conducted experiments and developed techniques to parse out various constituent parts of otoacoustic emissions recorded in the ear canal. We are also actively involved in evaluating the feasibility of using otoacoustic emissions as a non-invasive probe into post natal maturation of the human auditory periphery. In more recent experiments, we have started evaluating the feasibility and reliability of using otoacoustic emissions to probe the modulation of the auditory periphery by the efferent nervous system.

A parallel but major focus of our laboratory is to use the knowledge gained about assessing the auditory periphery in developing sensitive tools for the diagnosis of small changes in hearing ability. To that end we are actively involved in large-scale translational studies where the efficacy of various techniques are being evaluated in clinical settings.