Student Publications

Student publications 2018-2019

Bao, X., Gjorgieva, E., Shanahan, L. K., Howard, J. D., Kahnt, T., Gottfried, J. A., 2019. Grid-like Neural Representations Support Olfactory Navigation of a Two-Dimensional Odor Space. Neuron. 102, 1066-1075 e1065.

Bush, N. E., Zweifel, N. O., Hartmann, M. J. Z., 2019. Shaking Paws Is Not the Same as Shaking Hands. Neuron. 102, 911-913.

Camona, C., Wilkins, K. B., Drogos, J., Sullivan, J. E., Dewald, J. P. A., Yao, J., 2018. Improving Hand Function of Severely Impaired Chronic Hemiparetic Stroke Individuals Using Task-Specific Training With the ReIn-Hand System: A Case Series. Front Neurol. 9, 923.

Chiu, A. M., Wang, J., Fiske, M. P., …

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