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A. Nath and G. Schwartz

Publication from Amurta Nath and Greg Schwartz in The Journal of Neuroscience. “Cardinal Orientation Selectivity Is Represented by Two Distinct Ganglion Cell Types in Mouse Retina.”

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M. Gallio

Publication from the Gallio lab featured in Nature Communications. “Dynamic labelling of neural connections in multiple colours by trans-synaptic fluorescence complementation.”

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Dewald, Acosta, Ellis, & Yao

Research of Jules Dewald, Ana Maria Acosta, Michael Ellis, and Jun Yao is featured in Feinberg School of Medicine Research Office’s Breakthroughs March 2016 Newsletter.

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Krainc and Mazzulli

Publication from Joe Mazzulli and Dimitri Krainc in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. α-Synuclein–induced lysosomal dysfunction occurs through disruptions in protein trafficking in human midbrain synucleinopathy models.

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J. Savas

Publication from the Savas Lab featured in NU News.
“The Sorting Receptor SorCS1 Regulates Trafficking of Neurexin and AMPA Receptors.”

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R. Morimoto

Publication from the Morimoto Lab featured in NU News “Simple Flip of Genetic Switch Determines Longevity in Animals.”

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