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Gelfand, Vladimir, PhD




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Cellular and Molecular Biology


Ward 8-140 Chicago


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Cell Biology, Molecular Neuroscience

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Current Research

Neurons are polarized cells containing elaborated processes called axons and dendrites. Intracellular transport of organelles, RNA, and protein complexes from the cell body into axons and dendrites is essential for neuronal viability. Transport of cargoes in the cells is performed by motor proteins, kinesins and dyneins that move along microtubules, and myosins that move along actin filaments. Defects in the transport processes are associated with a number of neurological diseases, including Alzheimer disease and mental retardation syndromes.

The main interest in the Gelfand laboratory is to elucidate the mechanisms and regulation of intracellular transport in neurons and other cells. To investigate these questions, we combine high-resolution digital imaging with a number of molecular biology and biochemistry techniques. Biological models of transport that are studied in our laboratory include transport of fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP) and its associated mRNAs as well as transport of membrane organelles in neurons and non-neuronal cells. More detailed description of our research and specific questions we are truing to address can be found on the lab web page at and in our publications (see below).