Talia Lerner, PhD



Talia Lerner, PhD


Assistant Professor






Ward 5-120 Chicago



Areas of Research

Circuits and Behavior, Electrophysiology, Imaging & Microscopy, Learning & Memory, Mechanisms of Drug Action, Neurobiology of Disease

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Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Zalocusky KA, Ramakrishnan C, Lerner TN, Davidson TJ, Knutson B and Deisseroth K (2016). Nucleus accumbens D2R neurons signal past unfavorable outcomes during decision-making and control risky choices. Nature 531(7596):642-6.
Lerner TN, Ye, L and Deisseroth K (2016). Communication in the Nervous System. Cell 164(6):1136-50.
Kim CK, Yang SJ, Pichamoorthy N, Young N, Kauvar I, Jennings JH, Lerner TN, Berndt A, Lee SY, Ramakrishnan C, Davidson TJ, Inoue M, Bito H and Deisseroth K. (2016). Simultaneous fast measurement of circuit dynamics at multiple sites across the mammalian brain. Nature Methods 13(4):325-8.
Adhikari A*, Lerner TN*, Finkelstein J*, Pak S, Jennings JH, Davidson TJ, Ferenczi E, Gunaydin LA, Mirzabekov JJ, Ye L, Kim SY, Lei A, and Deisseroth K (2015). Basomedial amygdala mediates top-down control of anxiety and fear. Nature 527: 179-199. *these authors contributed equally
Lerner TN, Shilyansky C, Davidson TJ, Evans KE, Beier KT, Zalocusky KA, Crow AK, Malenka RC, Luo L, Tomer R, and Deisseroth K (2015). Intact-Brain Analyses Reveal Distinct Information Carried by SNc Dopamine Subcircuits. Cell 162(3): 635-647.
Mattis J, Brill J, Evans S, Lerner TN, Davidson TJ, Hyun M, Ramakrishnan C, Deisseroth K, and Huguenard JR (2014). Frequency-dependent, cell type-divergent signaling in the hippocamposeptal projection. J Neurosci 34(35): 11769-80. PMCID: PMC4145178.
Lerner TN and Kreitzer AC (2012). RGS4 is required for dopaminergic control of striatal LTD and susceptibility to parkinsonian motor deficits. Neuron 73(2): 347-59. PMCID: PMC3269032
Lerner TN and Kreitzer AC (2011). Neuromodulatory control of striatal plasticity and behavior. Curr Opin Neurobiol. 21(2):322-7. PMCID: PMC3092792.
Lerner TN, Horne EA, Stella N, and Kreitzer AC (2010). Endocannabinoid signaling mediates psychomotor activation by adenosine A2A antagonists. J Neurosci. 30(6): 2160-4. PMCID: PMC2830732.
Quiroz C, Luján R, Uchigashima M, Simoes AP, Lerner TN, Borycz J, Kachroo A, Canas PM, Orru M, Schwarzschild MA, Rosin DL, Kreitzer AC, Cunha RA, Watanabe M, and Ferré S (2009). Key modulatory role of presynaptic adenosine A2A receptors in cortical neurotransmission to the striatal direct pathway. ScientificWorldJournal 9: 1321-44. PMCID: PMC2871285.