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Biomedical Engineering, Neurobiology


E368 Tech Inst. Evanston

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Cell Imaging & Electrophysiology, Systems Neuroscience, Vision Science

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Current Research

<strong>Retinal Microvenvironment</strong>

We are interested in the microenvironment in which the neurons of the retina work. Studying the distribution and regulation of ions, substrates and metabolites allows us to understand aspects of cell biology, physiology and energy metabolism in the intact retina. Also, many blinding diseases are caused by problems with the vasculature and its ability to supply nutrients to the tissue. Our work provides insight into these diseases.

Our recent work has been on the oxygenation of the cat retina, a good model for the human retina in many respects. We use oxygen-sensitive microelectrodes that measure oxygen levels with excellent spatial resolution. Simultaneously we measure local neural activity to provide an index of retinal function. The oxygen distribution in the retina of higher mammals is particularly interesting; oxygen is a critical nutrient, and it is supplied to the retina by two independent circulations, the retinal and choroidal, which have very different properties. The focus of our current work is to understand the relationships between oxidative and glycolytic metabolism in the retina, and to work on animal model for diseases such as retinal vascular occlusion, diabetic retinopathy, and photoreceptor degenerations.