Goldman, Robert, PhD



Goldman, Robert, PhD


Stephan Walter Ranson Professor and Chair


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Cellular and Molecular Biology


Ward 11-145 Chicago

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Cell Biology, Molecular Neuroscience

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Current Research

This laboratory studies the structure, function and dynamic properties of intermediate filaments, including neurofilaments, and their associated proteins such as nestin, in essential cell biological phenomena. In the case of nerve cells, these include the initiation and regulation of neurite outgrowth, nerve cell shape development and maintenance, growth cone activity and plasticity, and axoplasmic transport.

We also study the interactions of intermediate filaments with microtubules and microfilaments, and their associated molecular motors such as kinesin. The techniques employed in these studies include the imaging of cytoskeletal proteins in living cells using the green fluorescent protein; fluorescence recovery after photobleaching to determine the equilibrium states of neurofilament polymers in vivo; electron microscopy including immunogold labeling; the isolational and biochemical characterization of intermediate filament proteins; the development and microinjection of specific peptide inhibitors of intermediate filament function; and various molecular methods including cloning, site directed mutagenesis and transfection.