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309 Cresap Evanston

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Behavior Cognition Language, Brain Imaging, Learning & Memory

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Current Research

Functional neuroimaging of human declarative and nondeclarative memory; skill learning supported by nondeclarative (nonconscious) memory; the anatomical organization of memory systems throughout the brain While declarative memory for conscious retrieval of facts and events depends on the intact function of the medial temporal lobe memory system, nondeclarative (nonconscious) memory is supported by a variety of brain areas. A handful of skill learning tasks have been identified as supported by nondeclarative memory in humans and are used to study this type of memory. Functional neuroimaging is used to identify the brain areas that support skill learning phenomena that do not depend on the medial temporal lobe and also to identify features of the operation of declarative and nondeclarative memory in neural activity. Neuropsychological studies with patients with memory disorders (Alzheimer's disease, amnesia) explore nondeclarative memory from both a neural systems and information processing perspective. These two lines of research will be integrated in computational models of complex skill learning that are constrained by both the neural substrate and information processing findings. Summaries of some recent reports are available at my lab website.