Losh, Molly, PhD



Losh, Molly, PhD


Jane and Michael Hoffman Associate Professor



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Roxelyn and Richard Pepper Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders Division of Psychology, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences


Searle 2-366 Evanston

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Current Research

My lab studies the nature and basis of language and related impairments in autism and other neurogenetic disorders (e.g., fragile X syndrome). We use clinical-behavioral and family-genetic methods and designs to characterize patterns of language strengths and weaknesses that define particular disorders, and examine ties to neuropsychological and genetic underpinnings.

Ongoing research focuses on social communication and its impairment in disorders like autism and fragile X. We use different clinical-behavioral, psycholinguistic, and family-genetic methods to first characterize these impairments across disorders, and then attempt to trace their biological underpinnings. Our recent work has shown that social language use (pragmatic language) appears to be a strong genetic marker of autism risk, and we're using these findings to dig deeper into the causes of these social language use patterns in both affected and unaffected individuals. Using experimentally-based, standardized, and naturalistic methods (including eye tracking, discourse analysis, and measurement of social cognitive and executive function skills), we are attempting to identify refined phenotypic profiles for use in genetic studies.