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Cresap 105 Evanston


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Cognition&Language, Learning & Memory, Motor Control

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Training Program in the Neuroscience of Human Cognition

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Current Research

Current Research

Research in our group uses a variety of methods to examine the cognitive processes underlying our ability to produce and comprehend speech. In particular, we focus on (a) the production of speech and (b) our knowledge of sound structure. Methodologies include:

On-line language processing

Cognitive neuropsychology
Acoustic phonetics
Functional neuroimaging and electrophysiology

Mathematical and computational models of language processing
Generative phonology; Optimality Theory and Harmonic Grammar

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Smolensky, P., Goldrick, M., & Mathis, D. (2014). Optimization and quantization in gradient symbol systems: A framework for integrating the continuous and the discrete in cognition. Cognitive Science, 38, 1102-1138.
Goldrick, M. (2011). Theory selection and evaluation in case series research. Cognitive Neuropsychology, 28, 451-465.
Peramunage, D., Blumstein, S. E., Myers, E., Goldrick, M., & Baese-Berk, M. (2011). Phonological neighborhood effects in spoken word production: An fMRI study. Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 23, 593-603. PMCID 2898911.
Goldrick, M., & Daland, R. (2009). Linking speech errors and phonological grammars: Insights from Harmonic Grammar networks. Phonology, 26, 147-185. PMCID 2789494.
Goldrick, M., & Rapp, B. (2007). Lexical and post-lexical phonological representations in spoken production. Cognition, 102, 219-260.
Rapp, B. & Goldrick, M. (2000). Discreteness and interactivity in spoken word production. Psychological Review, 107, 460-499.