Kiskinis, Evangelos, PhD



Kiskinis, Evangelos, PhD


Assistant Professor


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Neurology, Physiology, Medicine, Neurological Surgery and Pharmacology


Ward 12-104


Areas of Research

Cell Biology, Molecular Neuroscience, Motor Control, Neurobiology of Disease

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Current Research

Current Research

Our research program is focused on addressing fundamental aspects of the biology of human neurons in the context of physiological conditions and in the context of disease. We have two clinical interests, motor neuron disease and epileptic channelopathies. We utilize patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) and direct reprogramming methods to generate different neuronal subtypes implicated in these diseases. We then study these cells by a combination of genomic approaches and functional physiological assays. Our hope is that these disease model systems will help us identify points of effective and targeted therapeutic intervention

Selected Publications

Selected Publications

Pathways Disrupted in Human ALS Motor Neurons Identified Through Genetic Correction of Mutant SOD1. Cell Stem Cell, 2014 Jun 5;14(6):781-95. Kiskinis E*, Sandoe J*, Boulting G, Williams LA, Wainger BJ, Mikkilineni S, Merkle F, Han S, Peng T, Ziller M, Oakley DH, Ichida J, Dicostanza S, Atwater N, Maeder ML, Goodwin MJ, Joung K, Woolf CJ, Brown RH, Eggan K