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Current Research

There are three major questions being currently researched by this laboratory:
1. Based on theoretical understanding of the representation of cognition in Event Related Brain Potentials (ERPs) and/or in other brain activities, is it possible to develop an accurate and countermeasure-resistant method of detecting information concealed or denied by a subject?
2. We have recently developed a promising such method we call the Complex Trial Protocol. It mainly relies on the P300 ERP that represents a person's recognition of meaningful information. It has shown about 90% accuracy in forensic, memory malingering, and anti-terror models, even when various countermeasures are utilized. Reaction time and a putative new ERP we have observed which we call P900 help us identify countermeasure use when it is attempted. Over the past 5-10 years, we have invented various of the best countermeasures we can think of, based upon knowledge of antecedent conditions for P300 elicitation, but are there any left we haven't tried?
3. What is the general functional significance of P900?