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Sanchez, Jason Tait, Ph.D.


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Current Research

Acoustic information from the environment is accurately encoded, preserved and sharpened by the central auditory pathway in normal hearing individuals.

For individuals with hearing impairments – like presbycusis, auditory neuropathy and central auditory processing disorders – difficulties understanding spoken language and locating the source of a sound in complex acoustic environments have been linked to auditory timing deficits, suggesting that the neural encoding of timing cues is critical for communication and survival.

Using the avian auditory brainstem as a model system, my research investigates how excitatory transmission regulates the development of biophysical specialization required for encoding timing cues. This research may provide important insight into mechanisms through which molecular properties of individual neurons contribute to the overall function of the developing auditory system and may shed light on future therapeutic approaches for individuals with auditory timing deficits.