Grafman, Jordan, PhD



Grafman, Jordan, PhD


Director, Brain Injury Research


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Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago


345 E Superior Street

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Learning & Memory

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Current Research

Current Research

The focus of research in the Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory (CNL) is planning, reasoning, executive functions and their breakdown in patients with lesions to the prefrontal cortex and related cortical and subcortical structures; the representation of social knowledge and beliefs ranging from social attitudes to political beliefs; and recovery of function after brain damage as guided by neuroplasticity.

The operating framework to study these processes and their disorders is cognitive science although we combine this approach with state-of-the-art clinical neuroscience techniques such as functional MRI, genetics with an emphasis on functional polymorphisms, and Single-Pulse & Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation/DC techniques.

The Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory is housed at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago on the downtown Medical School Campus. The CNL facilities, numerous resources, and collaborative faculty provide ample opportunity for the development of innovative research and broad cognitive/social neuroscience experience. The CNL will be studying patients with Stroke, Penetrating and Closed Head Injury, and other neurological disorders. Your training experience in my Laboratory will include weekly journal club presentations; research rounds; tutorial training in cognitive science, neuroimaging, and neuropsychological methods; the development of experiments in one or more areas of cognitive/social neuroscience; and supervision of the production of manuscripts reporting the results of your experiments.