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Gitelman, Darren, MD


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Abbott Hall, 1122 Chicago


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Behavior Cognition Language, Brain Imaging, Neurobiology of Disease, Systems Neuroscience

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Current Research

Functional magnetic resonance imaging has recently allowed analysis of cerebral activity with unprecedented spatial and temporal resolution. Together with Marsel Mesulam, MD our laboratories introduced functional magnetic imaging to Northwestern University. I am currently using this technique and related methods of voxel based morphometry to address several cognitive and maturational aspects of human brain-behavior relationships.
Spatial attention is a fundamental cognitive function allowing us to deploy scarce sensorial and processing resources across extrapersonal space. Although the basic brain regions supporting attention are well known, their means of interaction with other brain areas are just starting to be examined. Current experiments include explorations into the nature of hemispheric asymmetry underlying attention.
Network of brain regions activated in a covert attention task
Developmental changes in the brain include not only those modifications from conception to age 20, but also the significant maturational changes that continue throughout our lives. My laboratory is concerned with how those changes affect interactions within a variety of cognitive neural networks. In addition to studying normal aging we are also examining how changes in the brain result in a variety of focal dementia syndromes such as primary progressive aphasia.