Neurobiology of Information Storage Training Program (NISTP)

The Neurobiology of Information Storage Training Program (NISTP) provides a select group of predoctoral trainees a comprehensive research and training opportunity in fundamental aspects of information storage. NISTP fosters a broad overview of the different areas of information storage research, including molecular biology, cell biology, neurochemistry, cellular physiology and biophysics, transmembrane signaling systems, cognitive neuroscience, neuropsychology, and brain imaging. The program has provided a formal mechanism for bringing together molecular/cellular approaches with cognitive, neurological and clinical approaches.

NISTP is a purely predoctoral training program that supports 5 trainees per year. Trainees are selected by a Steering Committee from among nominations solicited from preceptors. Selection is based on outstanding evaluations from research rotation and thesis advisors, strong performance in coursework, strong letters of support from faculty, and a detailed research plan consistent with the training program objectives.


Catherine S. Woolley, PhD

Associate Director:

Geoff Swanson, PhD

Steering Committee:

Anis Contractor, PhD
Dan Dombeck, PhD
Jay Gottfried, MD, PhD
Aryeh Routtenberg, PhD
Geoff Swanson, PhD
Catherine Woolley, PhD

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Chetkovich, Dane Kozorovitskiy, Yevgenia Spruston, Nelson
Contractor, Anis Maccaferri, Gianmaria Surmeier, D. James
Disterhoft, John Miller, Richard Swanson, Geoff
Dombeck, Dan Nusslock, Robin Voss, Joel
Gallio, Marco Radulovic, Jelena Weintraub, Sandra
Gottfried, Jay Raman, Indira Woolley, Catherine
Kessler, John Routtenberg, Aryeh Zee, Phyllis

Predoctoral Trainees:

Michael Adoff (Advisor: Daniel Dombeck, PhD)
Kate Damme (Advisor: Robin Nusslock, PhD)
Tom Harmon (Advisor: Indira Raman, PhD)
Anant Jain (Advisor: Catherine Woolley, PhD)
Kyle Lyman (Advisor: Dane Chetkovich, MD, PhD)
Daniel O’Young (Advisor: Joel Voss, PhD)
Christine Remmers (Advisor: Anis Contractor, PhD)

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