Student Advisory Committee

The quality of the NUIN program, not only in terms of the scientific training, but also the overall experience, depends critically on good communication between NUIN leadership and NUIN students. One way this is accomplished is via the NUIN Student Advisory Committee (NSAC). The NSAC meets with NUIN leadership formally at least once a quarter. In addition to representing and advocating for the views and needs of their peers, NSAC representatives are expected to serve as student leaders by helping to organize student participation in NUIN activities such as the annual retreat and recruitment events.

Meeting Dates for 2015-16

December 3, 9:30am

Current NSAC Representatives

First Years:  Schnaude Dorizan, Miguel Ramirez
Second Years:
  Brittany Hopkins, Jay Kim
Third+ Years:  Thomas Harmon, Carmen Lin, Arin Pamukcu
MSTP: Daniel Fisher
Postdoctoral Fellow: TBD