Faculty Leadership and Committees


Anis Contractor (Director)
David McLean (Associate Director)
Sally McIver (Assistant Director)

Advisory Board

Anis Contractor (Chair)
Ana Maria Acosta
Tom Bozza
Christine DiDonato
Dan Dombeck
Marco Gallio

CJ Heckman
Liming Li
Gianmaria Maccaferri
David McLean
Greg Schwartz

Concentration Area Directors 

Indira Raman (Cellular Neurophysiology)
Tom Bozza (Molecular and Developmental Neuroscience)
Dave McLean (Systems and Cognitive Neuroscience)

Admissions Committee (2015-2016)

Greg Schwartz (Chair)
Ana Maria Acosta
John Disterhoft
Alfred George, Jr.
Thorsten Kahnt
Marco Martina
Puneet Opal
Tiffany Schmidt
Jason Sanchez
Vicki Tysseling
Joel Voss
Beverly Wright

Curriculum Committee

Tom Bozza (Chair)
Jim Baker
CJ Heckman
Thorsten Kahnt
Dave McLean
Joel Voss

Advising and Progress to Degree Committee

This committee exists to “check in” on advanced students and to serve as a resource for advanced students should problems arise that are most appropriately handled outside of the laboratory or thesis committee environment.  Students should feel comfortable approaching any member of this committee should the need arise.

First Year Advisors                                Second Year Advisors                       Senior Student Advisor
Dan Dombeck                                          Raj Awatramani                                    Liming Li
CJ Heckman                                            Christine DiDonato
Gianmaria Maccaferri

Committee for Underrepresented Minority Affairs

The charge of this committee is (1) to engage in active recruiting of underrepresented minority prospective graduate students by regularly visiting and building connections with specific institutions; and (2) to participate in advising activities for students who matriculate.

Faculty Members:                              Student Members:
Ana Maria Acosta (Chair)                    Clarissa Valdez
John Disterhoft                                    Stephanie Valtierra
Changiz Geula

Committee for International Student Affairs

The charge of this committee is to initiate activities with international students (either individually, in groups of exclusively international students, or in groups including domestic students) that smooth the transition that these students must make to live and work in this country. This committee compliments the International Office in providing support on issues unique to international students (e.g., dealing with English as a second language, adapting to new academic expectations in the US system, navigating a new country/culture, directing students to resources on visas, OPT year, taxes etc.) and helping/encouraging international students to be active participants in the NUIN program.

JC Cang (Chair)
Yuanyi Feng

Committee for Postdoctoral Affairs

The charge of this committee is to initiate interactions with postdocs and to cultivate among them a sense of belonging to a wider Northwestern neuroscience community.  This committee works with The Graduate School’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (headed by Jennifer E. Hobbs) to direct postdocs to various resources (e.g. professional development, career planning) and, as necessary, offer faculty advising independent of the postdoc’s own laboratory.  More information about Postdocs in NUIN can be found here.

Yevgenia Kozorovitskiy (Chair)
Jason Sanchez
Greg Schwartz