Welcome to the new NUIN webpage! Learn how to update your faculty profile by following the detailed instructions below. For questions, please email NUIN_communications@northwestern.edu

To update your faculty profile (NUIN members only):

1. Choose the option ‘FACULTY PROFILE LOG-IN’ from the ‘FACULTY AND RESEARCH’ menu on the front page

2. Your log in is not necessarily your NetID and password (in some cases your family name was used). To be sure, just click on ‘forgot my password’ and use your email to get login information sent to you directly

3. Once you successfully log-in, you should see a greeting at the top right corner of the page. Click on it, and choose profile>edit. You should now be able to update your information

4. Remember to choose one or more areas of research by clicking on one or more of the appropriate ‘AREAS OF RESEARCH’ tick-boxes.

5. If you are actively recruiting NUIN students to your lab this year, make sure to select the ‘NOW recruiting students’ tick-box as well (please keep this selection current).

6. If necessary, upload a new profile picture using the ‘EDIT PROFILE PHOTO’ option on the right side of the page

7. Save the changes to your profile by clicking ‘update’.